Would Love Your Advice on Crate Training + Enforced Naps

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Hey Folks,

I got my shiba inu puppy on Thursday and he's been 90% a good boy. Yesterday he was a little bit too spirited, and I'm pretty sure that it was because he was overtired (he had all the classic signs of zoomies, biting a bit harder than normal, and not being as receptive as usual to training).

I'm very much into schedules, and from reading other posts on puppy101, it seems like people have had a lot of success with enforced naps. I'm definitely on board with going this route with my pup, but wanted to make sure I wasn't creating a negative association with his crate.

Some initial comments/ observations:

-I'm trying to follow the 1h awake, 2h napping rule (it's more like 1.5h awake, then a 2h or 2.5h nap)

-Right now, I'm doing one of two things to get him to nap in his crate. When he's pretty energetic, I lure him in with treats/ Kong, close the door and continue treating, and sit with him for about 5 minutes until he settles down. Then I walk away and he typically whines around 2 minutes, but can go as long as 5 minutes. When he's more calm and naps in a dog bed on our couch, I pick him up when he's asleep and put him in his crate. He normally goes right back to sleep, but maybe 30mins in he'll wake up, whine a similar amount to the first method, and go back to sleep again.

-I'm trying to do a bit of crate training in between naps, like throwing in treats, closing the door, and then opening it again in a couple of seconds. And I'm trying to feed him his meals in the crate, but he's a bit of a grazer. He'll take a few bites, do a loop around the living room, come back to the crate and repeat.

-At night he sleeps great in the crate. We typically take him out for a potty break and runaround on our terrace, then put him into the crate and he conks out almost immediately – last two days he's slept straight through 10pm-7am with no whining or accidents.

It feels like we're generally going in the right direction, but I'm slightly worried that he's getting nervous around his crate. Like when I throw in a couple of treats for him to find, he doesn't sit down anymore to root around, but remains standing. And sometimes he'll even find a treat, pick it up and take it out of the crate to eat outside. Additionally, when I come over to the crate he immediately tries to hop out (perhaps fearing that I'll close it).

It's early days so just wanted to make sure I was getting tips from more experienced owners in case there's more I can be doing to help him adjust to enforced napping/ not hate his crate.

Thanks everyone!

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