Would just like to brag about my small victory

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I'd like to tell you guys about me and my brother small victory. So we got a puppy, hes a Beagle and his name is Buddy. He's still on the process of house training him and hes been doing a really good job recently. Peeing only on the pee pad and, for the most part, pooping when he goes on his walks. Recently just had a mood for a week where I didn't walk him, I just couldn't handle him with all his biting and his behaviour. We went on our walk and Buddy would just refuse pooping outside. I knew he had to poop and he was just so adamant to go back inside. We did but I made sure that he was gonna poop outside again and just as he was about to poop at home we rushed him out and he still wouldn't want to poop. Just staying adamant and waiting did the trick! After him walking around he finally gave in and did it! He finally pooped outside instead of inside (I should mention that he had been like this for about a week and a half where he wouldn't do his business outside). After he did everything he was given a massive treat. Just wanted to mention this to you guys to tell you that these puppies aren't all that bad! They just need some patience

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