Worried about socializing new puppy

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Hi everyone! Long story short my friends got me a pug puppy. I was supposed to get him on my bday in a few weeks but because of everything I got him last saturday. He turned 8 weeks old on monday.

I have had a puppy before when I was a teenager but not one this young. So far he has just been in the apartment and I have taken him to the backyard to potty (but he is pretty nervous still doesn't explore too much).

I am really worried he is going to have issues because he only hangs out with my roommate, my boyfriend, and I. His second set of vaccines isn't u til April 13 so I'm not taking him outside.

Am I needlessly worried? Will he still be okay if I start introducing him to other people In a few weeks? Or should I introduce him to a friend who is masked up and just washed their hands ?

I would appreciate any advice!

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