Worried about long term impact of my pup being out of commission socially due to health issues.

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About a month ago we adopted a 4-month-old pit bull terrier puppy from our local Humane Society. He's honestly a dream pup: he took to his crate immediately, always sleeps through the night, he has never once nipped or growled at us or anyone else for that matter.

While I definitely had a bout of puppy blues (I have 3 cats I adore and had serious guilt for messing up their peaceful routine), I felt like we finally got a grip on things. Our only real issue was potty training, but he's such a good boy that I immediately felt there might be a medical aspect at play.

And sure enough, turns out he has giardia and a UTI, and most likely has since we got him. The Humane Society treated him for giardia once and got a negative test after, but his symptoms never actually stopped. Since our vet doesn't want us to treat both issues at once (logically, as it would be too many medications for his already upset tummy to handle all at once) we probably have at least a month of pills, powders, diarrhea, pee accidents, and a lethargic puppy left to go.

My biggest concern is that he can't play with other dogs until the giardia is under control. He loves loves loves other dogs right now, but I'm worried this long break from that will end up messing that up. Our house is like 90% carpet and while we plan for our vet to keep him for the final day of giardia treatment while we steam clean the entire house, there's a chance he may have to go through all this again and we have another month of limiting him socially.

I feel terrible for the little guy. He deserves happy, healthy puppy months where he can make friends and play. Instead we are doing flirt pole inside because I'm worried about him having diarrhea on the trail, and avoiding neighbor dogs who want to have one-on-one playtime. I can't even let him off leash in most of the house because of the risk of an accident I don't notice/clean up in time (plus we are still working on leaving cats alone).

I know logically this isn't my fault, but I feel like he deserves a better puppyhood. I guess I kind of want someone to tell me he can still turn out happy and well-adjusted and be good with other dogs even if there was a big pause on his doggy social life.

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