worried about leaving my puppy home alone! full time work and school schedule

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Hello! I recently got a 4 month old maltipoo during this quarantine and i feel like my family and i acted irresponsibly in this decision. Right now we have time to give her our full attention but when September rolls around this is not the case (it was not well thought out). I’m a university student that has class between 9am- 4pm every day and my commute is an hour and both my parents work from 8am-6pm i’m very concerned about what to do with our puppy during this time… I know that we cannot leave her in her crate for this whole day so we were thinking of puppy proofing a room that she could stay in. We do not have the ability to check in on her during the day unfortunately and know nobody who can as well. All our family members that live around us are also at work. So i’m wondering if she’ll be able to entertain herself for the whole day or if this is acceptable? If we put a lot of toys in there and her bed will she be fine for the whole day? Is there anybody else that has this similar situation? Thinking about this makes me sad and it’s making me freak out. I have so much guilt leaving her already for 20 mins and and she does not handle being alone well at all. Someone please reassure me because thinking about this is keeping me up at night i want our puppy to love us and not hate us. I feel like my family does not have the appropriate schedule to be owning a dog….Also if anyone has any tips on how to deal with a puppy’s separation anxiety please share!

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