Working from home due to corona has been great for my dog – she was afraid to walk 15 feet from our house and today we went on a MILE RUN

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I adopted a sweet and loving, but very anxious, dog about a year and a half ago. When we first adopted her, I worked 15 minutes from home and had a lot of time to dedicate to training and rehabilitation, but about 7 months in I changed to a very demanding job with an hour+ commute one way. As such, her training took a step back a little and walks were limited – with the exception of weekends hikes. For some reason, she does great on hikes and at my parents house. However, when we are home, she hates our busy street and is TERRIFIED of garbage cans and cars. We’ve tried everything – including ample treats.

I’ve been working from home for over a week and everyday we’ve been going on a walk little by little. I feel like she is a little more open now, because she loves hiking and waking in my parents more quiet community. Every time we pass a garbage can, I just pick her up and walk past it. She’s a hound, so she’s small enough to do so.

Also.. there’s less cars around due to rona’ so it’s a good time to try training.

Our walks have been around noon, so lately she’s started whining around that time to go out and walk. She’s still scared sometimes of garbage cans, but I know she likes it overall.

Well, today I decided.. we’re not only going for a walk… we’re going for a run. I looped the leash around my waist, set the pace, and we ran a mile with very few disturbances.

I wish I could say what worked, but honestly it was a mixture of time, treats and getting her used to walking on a leash in more rural settings. We still have so much to accomplish, but still so proud of her and so happy I can walk my dog in our tax

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