with regard to rewarding positive behavior, how long is a dog’s short-term memory?

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I am raising a puppy for the first time in awhile, and running into that old saw: I want to catch him being good, mark and reward that behavior. And I want to redirect his bad behavior into something good, then reward him for the good behavior.

But you know how it is – puppy jumps up on you, or grabs something he is not supposed to. You tell him no, then he looks at you and sits.

As a human who lives in several moments at once, you start to wonder as you reach for a treat…if you say "good boy" and treat, are you rewarding the dog for sitting nicely and looking at you? Or are you rewarding the dog for jumping on you and nipping, then sitting nicely and looking at you?

Furthermore, if the latter – is that always a bad thing or a good thing?

Sitting and looking at you is good behavior.

STOPPING a bad behavior and switching to a good one, is also good behavior.

But DOING A BAD BEHAVIOR ON PURPOSE THEN DOING A GOOD BEHAVIOR TO GET TREATS is obviously a bad behavior. But do dogs work that way? And how the f do you deal with that?

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