Will trazadone change behavior?? Need all the advice!

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I have a 6 month old boxer mix. We got him when he was 4 months old from a family who did not treat him well. They left him in his cage most of the day even when they were home, did not attempt any training, didn’t take him to the vet, weren’t even feeding him puppy food, they were feeding him adult dog food so he was also malnourished. Long story short, we rescued him from them and have been taking him to the vet (next week will be the third time he’s going), feeding him good puppy food, potty training, etc. For the first month or so he was pretty good. He was a very very calm puppy, never even barked, jumped, nibbled/bit or anything like that. Our main issue was crate training. Every time we put him in his crate to leave he starts shaking very very bad and drooling excessively. By the time we get back(could be 20 minutes, could be 4 hours) he is covered in drool and throw up because he gets himself so worked up. I assumed this was due to separation anxiety. At his first vet appointment I expressed my concern and they prescribed him trazadone. I have been giving it to him as directed but it feels like he’s gotten worse. For the past two weeks I have not put him in his cage at all because I hate making him feel that way. But besides that his behavior has gotten so bad. He won’t listen anymore, he barks when scolded, gets into every little thing and is overall becoming a bad dog. How do I change this? Do I stop the medication and find another solution? Do I take him to training classes? How do I correct these behaviors? I’m a first time dog owner and need all the advice I can get. Sorry it’s so lengthy I just don’t know what to do.

Also- his cage that he has now is the one the previous owners had him in. Could that be why he starts freaking out when he goes in it? Do you think getting a different cage would help if he’s associating that cage with his previous owners?

TL;DR: my 6 month old puppy used to be a lot better behavior wise before he started taking trazadone for his horrible separation anxiety. Now his behavior is getting a lot worse since he started taking it and I’m worried he will end up being a bad dog. Any advice will help!!

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