Will he ever be cuddly?

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My boyfriend and I recently brought home our 10 week old Aussie puppy. We asked the breeder for a specific temperament – socially confident and snuggly. As these things go, we ended up with the opposite! Thankfully, building his confidence has been fairly easy and we've already seen great improvement in meeting new people.

However, I don't know if he will ever be snuggly. I see posts on Instagram of people cuddling in bed with their puppy, holding a docile puppy in their arms, etc. All our boy wants to do is chew all the hair off my head and nip my nose when he's on the same "level" as me, haha!

To be clear, I am eternally grateful and love him to bits – he's an easy puppy with a great off switch and a fast learner. He is my little shadow and clearly trusts me. Just wondering if anyone else had a puppy that never liked cuddling and has warmed up to it over time 🙂

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