Will a sometimes-aggressive puppy have a bad effect on my dog?

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Hello all! I have an 8 month old Brittany spaniel who is HIGH energy with a super sweet temperament.

On the advice of our trainer (and this sub!) we avoid crowded dog parks. Because we live in an apartment, however, we do work hard to find proper ways for him to burn off his energy.

Lucky for us, a couple in our neighborhood has an 8 month old Springer spaniel, who is quite similar to our pup in stature, personality and playfulness. He and my dog are BEST BUDDIES and it brings me so much joy to watch them play together. We get together every weekday morning with this doggy at a near by fenced-in park so they can run about together.

Recently, a third dog owner from our neighborhood has been stopping by with her 1 year old golden retriever. Sometimes this dog plays nicely with our dogs, but sometimes he bullies my dog (just my dog!). Usually when there is a stick or a ball involved -the golden will growl at my dog until he runs off. I’ve noticed this sometimes prevents my dog from getting back in the mix and he will run off on his own until the golden leaves. Sometimes, however, my dog runs back for more. I try to watch his tail to see if he is scared or playful.

Long story short – I’m wondering if this golden’s behavior will negatively affect my pup? I can’t exactly tell this dog owner not to walk her dog in our neighborhood or tell her to leave a public area. But I’d hate to separate my dog from his best buddy who he plays so well with.

TLDR: Will one dog’s resource guarding negatively affect my dog?

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