Why wont our puppy stop biting us?

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My family's new pet is an almost 3 month old puppy, a jackchi. Jack Russel + Chihuahua.

We've had him for a couple weeks when he was little enough to fit in our hands, and now he's a bigger dog too big for both hands.

Unfortunately, we've been struggling badly to keep our love for him. He wont stop biting us, no matter what we ever do.

We have tried to get him to bite only his toys. We've tried ignoring it. We've tried punishing him… Nothing works at all. Nothing. He just keeps biting us.

We cannot take it any longer. He doesn't listen to us when we tell him no, he doesn't care that he's hurt us. He made mother bleed in 5 different places on her hand, twice on her legs, more places on her other hand… And he tries to bite her bleeding hand again. I've only been damaged twice, but I don't like being hurt anyway.

When we play with him using his toys, he pulls it closer to us, then very quickly lets go and bites us instead.

We've tried constantly to train him to go to the bathroom outside, we give him a treat when he DOES go, but that's not working either. He won't go when we take him outside. We'll be out there for like 15 minutes, come back outside, and then he goes in the house.

This morning, mom openly admitted to not liking him anymore…

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