Why is my 10w old Yorkie ‘attacking’ my hair/head and is totally not food motivated? How do I stop this behavior?

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Hi fellow puppy owners/dog lovers,

Our dog is the sweetest little Yorkshire terrier, we got her a week ago. We prepared for the worst and hoped for the best and we got the best. She is well behaved, set aside for a few accidents, she goes on the reusable pad but outside as well so she's almost house trained. Fully crate trained at this point. She reacts to her name, she sits and she is interested in everything. We may touch her everywhere. She loves playing, chewing on her stuff and not ours and is friendly to everyone (dogs and people of all breeds and sizes; loves attention). Socialisation is a dream with this cutiepie. Sometimes she's declining to walk and she sits/lies down and then we'll wait to continue our walk and praise her.

Done with the bragging, let's cut to the chase. Because there are two things I can not wrap my head around.

TL;DR She is so well behaved, doesn't bite feet/shoes/anything…. But whenever I wanna take a nap or lie down on the soft carpet with her; she becomes a shark. Her tail is wagging like she's outside unleashed. She playbites and licks, it's not hard. She specifically bites my hair (I'm fond of my hair and spending small fortunes to grow it very long) and my face (I'm also very attached to my face).

Second thing; she's not motivated by food AT ALL. Bought a shit load of treats of any kind but she only likes her kibble. She loves praise and attention though, and she is very motivated by that alone; more than with treats. She loves cuddles outside and inside the house. She loves toys when she's inside as well, so we reward her with that (for now).

I know I have to nip this in the butt, and I have to train her before it becomes a problem. But HOW?!

Do you guys have some advice for me? She doesn't do it to my BF: she only licks him very enthousiast…

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