Why does my boyfriends dog act aggressive when he’s gone?

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Me and my boyfriend live together. He has two dogs, let’s say their names are Frank and Luis.

Frank – Around eight years old. About 25 pounds.

Luis – Same age, 15ish pounds.

I moved in about about six months ago with my dog “Leo”

Leo – 6ish pounds, a few years old

Due to Frank and Luis’s breed I don’t think they’d be considered senior dogs. (Smallish mixed breeds)

When my boyfriend travels for work Frank acts aggressive. He’s gone for a month or more some times. Franks bitten me twice now. As far as I know I’m the only person he’s bit.

The second time he bit me was pretty bad but it was months ago. Leo ran down the stairs yelping after chasing the cat up the steps (he was completely fine lol) so I picked him up to asses the situation and Frank got a good hold of the back of my leg and left a pretty nasty bruise and the other roommate had to pull him off.

Lately, when Frank is in the kennel with Luis he will attack him, so I began keeping the kennel door closed so they couldn’t run in together.

Tonight I told Luis “No” when he peed in the house and frank attacked my dog Leo and attacked Luis.

Other than this Frank is a really good dog, never has accidents, is super sweet and cuddly. He only acts like this when my boyfriend is gone and then goes back to normal when he’s home.

I feel knowing why he’s so insecure when my boyfriends not around is the first step to correcting the behavior

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