Who was in the wrong?

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My ~6 month old lab mix Nicky plays quite rough generally- always has- but she has been noticeably making strides adjusting her play style! She goes to daycare about 1-2 times a week and I’m sure that’s been helping.

We just got back from our apartment complex dog park (it’s pretty much some turf with a fence, it’s small – enough for dogs to chase each other but not far enough to be too distracting for a decent recall). We got caught on a walk with a dog that I don’t love playing with because she’s quite young (almost 4 months), very timid, and the pups just don’t have matching play styles, which is fine! But the mom will catch me quite often and insist on saying hi, I’m awkward and don’t want to be rude, whatever.

It’s getting close to time to go, it’s hot, the pups aren’t playing with each other anymore, I’m getting tired of pretending I like this lady, whatever. As I’m preparing to leave, her pup sticks her entire face inside Nicky’s mouth. She moved away, her owner commented about how it’s funny or something, and she did it again, only this time Nicky snaps at her and kinda chased her off, probably because it’s weird having a face in your mouth.

Other pup’s mom starts to panic and screams “gentle gentle!”, (which she literally always does whenever my dog even sniffs hers) and I say “it’s okay Nicky I know you were just telling her no.” We gather our stuff and skedaddle, but now I’m wondering if it was an appropriate ‘back off’ on Nicky’s end or not? If it wasn’t appropriate, how can I help guide her to correct other dogs appropriately?

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