Whining while interacting with fiance?

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So a few months back my fiance saw a facebook post about this year old husky that needed a home asap. We contacted the friend, and by the next day we had this handsome pup. He had 0 prior training which we have worked on, and are still working on. We got him potty trained, he doesnt bite as hard as he use to, he knows sit, he knows lay, he even knows his own name. We have gotten him so far in a few months. I expected this to take a lot longer seeing as he's a year old. There are things that still need to be worked on like no jumping, less biting, and jumping on the counter, but those are all issues I can figure out and deal with.

The big issue as of current is whenever my fiance and I get close, he tries to get between us. He will climb on our laps just to be in the middle. If he is in his crate (for bed) and he sees us kiss, he will whine and cry like we're torturing him. If we hug, he has the same reaction. It's gotten to the point where I cant even sleep in the same bed as my fiance with the dog in the other room or he will cry at super early times which wakes my fiance. I'm currently laying in bed on a Saturday at almost 9am without any sleep because I know that as soon as I fall asleep the dog is going to be loud enough to wake my fiance. I feel horrible about it but I don't know how to fix it.

Any help or advice would be amazing because I'm at an absolute loss on this one.

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