Whining at the gate

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My pup, Eleanor, 10 wk old St Bernard, is awesome. She's sweet, she's smart, her and my 2.5 year old rottweiler get along wonderfully. She is becoming very cuddly and kinda sorta sleeping better. I work from home, and I work a lot, which means our office is her play zone. The door to go out to the back yard is right across from where I've gated the office so she says in eyesight. She's done really well with potty training – she sits by the gate and sometimes whines when she needs to go out. So obviously when she whines to go out, I jump and take her out. All good stuff. The problem is she now whines when she wants to go play with the rottie (they're separated to give him a break, or because he wants to go upstairs, whatever. He has free reign of the house), or she hears other people upstairs. She can be relentless in the whining and scratching at the gate. If I know she doesn't have to go outside to pee, I try and distract her – toys, training with treats, cuddles, but she loses interest and goes right back to the gate.

What's the best way to train her to cut that out while still preserving her indicating that she needs to go outside?

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