When will the night time wandering stop?

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First post, been a lurker for a long time. Overall I have a very good puppy, only moderate puppy blues since I'm most definitely a cat person so it was an adjustment. My puppy is a 4 month old shepsky mix, TOO smart, and mostly well behaved for a pup.

However, when this dog gets tired she will do anything not to settle down! She will literally wander all over whatever area she is allowed in trying to get into something to stay awake. This includes chewing on things she knows she shouldn't, digging at the floor, digging at her water, chewing on couch corners, completely ignoring her plethora of dog toys and chews to just frickin' pace the area looking for trouble. This is even with the area being boring as paint drying, and she receives plenty of positive reinforcemrnt when she settles down.

I do mean this dog will wander ENDLESSLY. It is beyond annoying when we are visiting the grandparents where she doesn't have a crate – putting her in an enclosed puppy pen just results in digging and wandering that tiny area, too.

I end up putting her in her crate because it is the only way to get her to settle down properly. She does whine and dig and cry for a while but eventually settles, so it's not a huge deal or anything, but I was just wondering if other people's puppies do this as well and around what age are they able to just settle down and sleep when they're tired instead of requiring Mom to force it. 🤦‍♀️

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