When should I start giving him free roam? (AKA crate only at night and remove the playpen completely)

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As the title says, for those who are crate training their pups, when do you start giving him free roam of the house?

Our 7month old puppy doesn’t go into the crate (for enforced nap time) during daytime anymore and he has been generally fine being left out. He is pretty much toilet trained but we get an accident maybe once every month when we push his limit in holding it in or not paying attention to his poop schedule (so that’s probably our bad). He has another bed by the window that gets the sun and he usually naps/hangs there or in the study with us (#workingfromhome) But at night time he sleeps in the locked crate and mostly fine with no barks or cries, unless something alerts him.

(He is a very barky breed and he barks whenever he hears the neighbour talking. Eg. When they have a house party and stays up late, it unsettled him and it will make him bark. We would just try and calm him, tell him to leave it and ignore him til he gets tired and sleeps anyway. So far that’s the only thing that works)

His crate is located in a playpen in the living room. We haven’t used the playpen for a long time as we only put him in there when he has to be left alone at home with no humans.

When do you guys start removing the pen and just using the crate?

Also.. At the moment, he will happily run into the crate to eat his meals there but he won’t go in for nap/sleep on his own. He goes in there to mope when I put clothes or harness on him (I don’t know why) and I see this as him seeing the crate (and under the sofa 😂) as one his safe place. At bedtime, He NEEDS to see the treat and it’s becoming like a bribing situation although he is generally ‘happy’ to stay in there anyway..

When do they start going in there by themselves?

He’s been crate trained and sleeps in there with no real issues since he was with us at 14 weeks old. But the breeder also crate trained him since he was about 10weeks.

We had a little regression in the training around 6months, when he had to sleep with the cone on. He absolutely hated the cone in the crate (but was ok with the cone outside of crate)

Thanks in advance lovely humans.

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