When/how to acclimate your new puppy to the city?

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I live in the heart of downtown and just rescued (what looks like) an 11 week old lab/pitbull mix.

My apartment is small (800 sqft), though my wife and I own a business that's about 1/2 a block away. The office is 4'000 sqft, and weve successfully designated a section where doggo has a crate and everything she needs. After the team goes home, we let her out to explore. It's a great setup and we look forward to when she's older and becomes a stellar office dog.

The commute between home and work is about 2 minutes, yet she won't walk it. She sits down and is absolutely terrified of the commotion.

I've been trying to acclimate her to the city by playing citysoundscapes at home and work, but it doesn't seem to help.

So, two Q's:

1) what's the right age to start taking her out? 2) how do I go about acclimating her to the street?


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