When expected help falls through…what can you do besides keep going?

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While planning for my puppy, I expected to be able to bring her to my boyfriend's house. He has a dog, a yard, and roommates that love dogs. I knew I needed the help (I live alone in an apartment) especially through a cold, bitter COVID winter.

Well, that's how it went for a month. Now the landlady doesn't want my puppy in the house (allergies – the other dog is hypo). It was always my plan to let her run around the house and socialize with the other dog. I have no where else to bring her due to covid, her age, and our negative temperatures.

I'm panicking all over again. My boyfriend can only offer so much help with his work schedule and responsibilities at home. I'm terrified that I have to choose between my puppy and my relationship. I'm depriving my puppy of expected space and playmates.

I know things will work out – somehow – but I can't seem to stop the anxiety from overwhelming me right now. I haven't cried over my puppy in 2 weeks, but I'm going to tonight. Thanks for reading.

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