What’s the best way to take away treats?

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We have a 14 week old lab puppy named Bean and are having a bit of a conundrum with her. She is overall a great pup — good with sit, working on come, can sleep in her crate, only barks a little. However, we're starting to see a bit of an issue develop with treats like bones, Himalayan cheese chews, and bully sticks where she will eat them so quick that we need to take them away for a little bit so she doesn't have too much, and doesn't choke on the end. However, when we try to go get them she gets really protective and will try to swallow them whole or run away. Today she growled for the first time when we tried to take away a cheese chew. We are trying to also come up to her while she chews them and tell her she's a good girl, so she doesn't think we're always just going to take it away, but she still gets worried every time and it makes it worse.

Does anyone have any tips? Puppy tax

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