What to teach my German Shepherd?

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I have taught my German many things within his first year and I’m kind of running out of ideas. I do not have any special equipment that I would be able to teach him any special/complex tricks.

So far I have taught him:

Sit Lay down Roll over High five (both paws alternating) Shake (both paws alternating) Turn around Kiss (snoot boop nose) Come Stand (from lay or sit position) Heel (walk beside me and adjust speed to mine) although that one needs some more work. Leave it Move (letting him know he is in someone’s way) Look Stay

I have tried “walk back” where he walks backwards but I am having trouble with it sticking. However I don’t know how to get him to understand me clearly. On a separate note maybe something with more impulse control since he is an intact male would be a good idea for our walks or off-leash trails.

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