What to do with aggressive rescue Pomeranian

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About a week ago we formally adopted a 10 year old Pomeranian male who lived outside his entire life. He was used for breeding purposes and lived with several adult huskies. He came from the foster super lovable and cuddly. He is also very food and resource protective. We had him for about a week and a half before deciding to adopt him to make sure he was a good fit in our house.

Short backstory: about 2 years ago my daughter was bit badly in the face by our 8 year old Great Dane with doggy dementia. She is now almost 8. The night after we formally adopted him and I was working everyone fell asleep on the couch when my husband went to put my daughter to bed the dog snarled growled and bit him several times and drew blood. The dog was on top of my sleeping daughter and would not get down until my husband grabbed him and he snapped out of it. Since then this incident has happened 4 other times with growling and snarling and even snapping at someone who comes anywhere near a sleeping person. He crate him when we sleep in our bed and he is not allowed to be laying with sleeping people but he sneaks into the room as soon as he gets the chance and then this happens. Twice it was growling at my daughter who was coming in my room.

Are there training options to really help him with this type of aggression, and other food/resource aggression? Should we rehome him to a family with older or no kids? The very last thing I want is my daughter bit again if I can help it and these incidents seem to be escalating. I am very sad because he is so sweet, but he is becoming possessive over several things, even a grocery bag I left on my kitchen floor. It seems that everything we do revolves around him not being aggressive and I truly don’t know how to fix this. He was not this way when we were doing his trial or I would have not considered adopting him. His foster family supports our decision and is willing to take him back if he needs rehomed, but I’d like to know if there is anything at all we can do to remedy and give this boy a good rest of his life. Thanks!

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