What should I leave in the kennel with my dog who has separation anxiety?

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I adopted a rescue a few weeks ago. She is an amazing dog. Relatively calm and very sweet demeanor. She is about 18 months old, but probably had puppies so holds herself maturely.

She is very well behaved and is starting to become obedient to basic commands; except when she is anxious as we've begun socializing her (we have a good training plan for this that seems to be helping). She has never relieved herself inside or chewed/destroyed anything in the home. She is delicate with furniture, and does not try to take food or anything else she shouldnt have. Her biggest hurdle is separation anxiety.

We are kennel training and she is making great progress. She wines very little as I leave now. From what I can tell, she is very anxious for the first 15 minuts and then mellows out. Durring that 15 minutes she will destroy anything in her kennel. She doesnt seem to try and eat anything — just tear it up.

I have started replacing her bed with a blanket or two instead (buying beds will bleed me dry haha). My question is if I should continue leaving something comfy for her to destroy or let her sit in an empty kennel when I need to leave her. She is rarely interested in toys and won't mess with treat dispensers. I'm trying to limit bones due to health risks, but it is the only thing that she gets exited about other than the treats I use when training.

I am not worried about things being torn up, I want to do what will help her work through the separation anxiety best. What should i do?

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