What is the deal with pet insurance and their “pre-existing conditions” clause?

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tl;dr – a vet that isn’t my dog’s actual vet thinks my dog has kidney and liver disease in her blood sample. I called to get pet insurance to cover my dog’s possible lifetime disease. It can’t be covered since it’s considered a “pre-existing condition” aka something that happened before the enrollment despite my dog’s actual vet telling me she appears healthy and any current testing being done is just looking for anything. If I were to still enroll, and after time passing my dog is found to have these diseases, she still wouldn’t be covered since the insurance would refer back to the initial testings that was done prior to enrolling; even if it was all done on very vague and minuscule suspicion on any thing related or even vaguely worded on suspecting liver and kidney disease.

I had gotten a Pomeranian and Pekingese mix puppy a little over two months ago. She had a rocky start as far as her health was concerned. She was throwing up a bit, had diarrhea and had a hard time pooping sometimes. For about a month, I had spent about a little over $500 on medical expenses ensuring that she gets better. And she has. I took her for her distempered shot Monday and her actual vet confirmed that she was gaining her weight, she is growing (she’s a tiny thing; like 4 pounds), she is energetic at home and very social with everyone. She had her blood drawn, because the vet wanted to check her blood sample before I get her neutered next month.

The next day, a vet (that isn’t my dog’s vet and has not seen her) calls regarding some concerns in my dog’s blood sample. She said that my dog is slightly anemic and her enzymes are slightly elevated in her liver and kidneys. Basically, she thinks my dog may have a liver and/or kidney disease. What I don’t get is that her actual vet who actually seen her gave me such a positive response to my dog’s health, and this vet out of nowhere gives me one of the worst news. She asked if my dog has been throwing up, losing any weight, diarrhea, lethargic. I told her she is not throwing up, or having diarrhea, not lethargic and she’s very energetic. She eats her food, her treats, etc. That vet asked for poop and urine samples for diagnostic of anything that could be an issue. It was freaking $117! I had just spent $222 for her Monday visit.

So I called a pet insurance about getting my dog insured. Despite the fact that my dog’s actual vet confirmed that she is growing fine, despite the fact that any testing that is being done now is just to check for any abnormalities in her samples, if I still were to enroll into a pet insurance and wait 30 days for it to kick in; if my dog is confirmed to have liver or kidney diseases after being enrolled she will NOT be covered since this is something that was tested prior to enrolling aka “pre-existing conditions”.

Despite the fact that all this testing is vague and she is not showing symptoms; if the vet even slightly suspects or thinks or assumes my dog has a disease prior to me enrolling into a pet insurance, after I enroll if down the line she ends up getting that disease the vet had initially suspected on such vague diagnosis, the insurance will not even cover it.

If any testing done now looking for anything prior to enrolling, and then once I’m enrolled and despite time passing and she is found to have something, the insurance will not cover it since they will refer back to that initial testing I did prior to enrolling.

Yet, the person signing me up was like “oh, but what if your dog breaks her leg or needs surgery? You wanna be covered for the unexpected”. Are you kidding me? I’m not counting on when my dog would break a leg or needs surgery. I’m looking to get covered for things that will be for her lifetime!!!!!!

What kind of bs is this? They said that all pet insurance works like this, and I refuse to believe that.

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