What does this say about my aptitude in raising actual human beans?

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So the last few days my 8 month old puppy/dog has decided going outside in the dark in the evening is super scary (no problem in the morning funnily enough) and every person who walks past is a reason to stand around looking worried/barking.

So it takes her f-o-r-e-v-e-r to pee.

So last night we go out and yet again I go backwards and forwards for about 20 minutes waiting for her to find a spot, and when she finally squats a leaf blowing past makes her get up again without peeing. So I'm like at the end of my tether here. So I wait another 5 minutes and then storm back to the apartment thinking "well too bad – she's going to have to hold on to it 'cause I'm done".

So she actually has never peed in the house in this kind of situation (so far) but it does make me worried about her urinary tract health.

What makes me even more worried is the little amount of patience I sometimes have with this living creature and makes me seriously question my ability to raise, well you know, human children.

This has really been at the back of my mind for a while.

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