What do you think of BarkBusters home training for puppies

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I'm at my wit's end with Pao (Pao's Album) and need training help.

There are no puppy training schools in my area within walking distance, and I don't have a car.

There is this one Australian company, with branches around the world, including here in Japan, called BarkBusters. Anybody ever hear of them?

I got a call back and they have two quite pricey courses: a one day course for 44,000 yen ($417) and a three month course where they will come back I think 3 more times and allow followup questions by email for 110,000 yen ($1,044).

The woman I spoke with says that dogs are pack animals and the pack is Pao, me, and my partner, and Pao is trying to exert dominance over the pack. So she visits and trains me and my partner, not Pao.

She said some points are not to use treats to get Pao to obey, and come, and stay, etc. She has other techniques.

In addition to it being pricey, she's all booked up until at least March 25th, and I think I'll be dead by then if things continue as they are.

Any thoughts about BarkBusters or other training methods I can try?

The things I'm trying to accomplish are no biting, no grabbing shoes from the genkan and dragging them into the house, coming when called by name, staying when told to stay, keeping things in the puppy toilet instead of starting there and finishing outside, letting me clean up messes he makes without trying to grab the tissue or biting when I try to hold him back, sitting quietly when I try to wipe his feet after a walk and taking his leash off, walking beside me when outside instead of pulling off in a hundred directions and resisting going where I want to go, not grabbing and eating everything made of paper and plastic he can get ahold of. Probably more things, but those are what comes to mind at the moment.


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