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TL;DR: I start a new job and am worried that uncrate trained my dog and worry if hell be alright.

I have a 9 month husky chow mix, Giles, who we had crate trained for up to several hours when he was little for when my fiance and I went to work(he was already crate trained when we got him at 2 months. I've been home the last month and a half so we weren't putting him in the crate for hours as it seemed unfair because I was home. I start my new job today and my fiance will be home, but I'm worried for monday when we both go to work.

I am normally the pups sole care giver(my fiance will say otherwise but trust me on this). I'm the one taking Giles for walks, I'm the one who feeds him and worries when hes sick(I'm also the one who cleans up after hes been sick), I'm the one who Giles goes to when he needs to go outside or needs more water or really anything. I'm the one hes attached too. It's fine. I knew what I was getting into when we got Giles. But I digress. Giles does have small specific seperation anxiety when it comes to me. I left him for a weekend with fiance and according to fiance he cried and moped the whole weekend. I'm probably over worried but I'm afraid I've untrained him and I dont really know how to re crate train him. Any advice and help would be appreciated.

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