We’re STILL trying to potty and crate train my seven month old pup, but she just can’t stand the crate.

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Jack-shi weiner dog mix. She's a hyper little thing, always running around, which might be part of the reason she hates the crate so much. She'll bite between the metal bars which worrys me because I don't want her gums bleeding. She'll howl and cry for a long time. I'm worried that it's just abuse because of how much she hates it :(. But she is not learning to go outside STILL and keeping her in the crate helps lower the messes, but I don't want to accidentally traumatize her. Should I just try getting a bigger crate? Should I just stop doing it? Any tips on crate or potty training are very much appreciated, as well as any tips for seperation anxiety? That's a little less important, but it sure does bug the neighbors when we go out with her behind.

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