We trimmed a nail without any screaming!

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And yes, that is A nail, singular.. I am still very proud and relieved. Our puppy is a rescue, he is very calm nd generally very well behaved but can get anxious quickly. Maybe his biggest fear: nail trimming. Our vet would be cutting them at our vaccine appointments and when he was very young our doggy didn't seem to mind but at some point that started to change, he would try to get away, start screaming loudly and kicking (never tried to bite though), my vet said he was the worst/most scared case for cutting nails she had ever seen..

Since he is done with vaccines now and doesn't have to go to the vet that often we have to cut them at home and it was terrible, we had treats at hand and tried distracting and rewarding him but nothing would work. I know that it doesn't hurt him because once I was able to cut all his nails while he was asleep without him even waking up.

I was dreading having to do it again and started reading again to find some kind of solution and came up with a plan. We cooked some chicken had it still be warm, got him a new toy and took him on a long walk to tire him out. And set a new goal: cutting just one nail. And it worked! My partner distracted him with the chicken, fed him some small pieces anytime I took his paw and got close to it with the trimmers. He looked suspicious at times but always got distracted with the chicken and then I trimmed the nail, he didn't even notice, got a last piece of chicken and his new toy and went off to play super happy. It is a huge relief! I think switching normal treats for warm chicken was the biggest help (he didn't get that in any other occasion so it really is special for him). I didn't want to push him so we didn't continue but tomorrow we'll do it again and hopefully he'll start to associate cutting nails with chicken instead of with fear.

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