We think puppy has allergies :(

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This started about 4 weeks ago now, after pup had had his second vaccinations and could finally be taken on walks. Honestly we took him on his first walk on the Thursday and by the Friday night he was itching his belly like mad. By the Monday it was looking so red and inflamed we took him to the vet. They said it was a standard infection from a cut or graze which had got infected by him licking it and sent us on our way with 6 days of antibiotics. After those 5 days it still hadn't cleared up and by that time it was the weekend agin and our vets was closed so we had another appointment that Monday, where they gave us more antibiotics. These ones seemed to work this time (I think we ended up having 15 days worth of these ones) he was then given the all clear.

Less than a week later he was back in the vets as he'd started itching and biting his belly again. This time they agreed with what I suspected and gave him a blood test. We are now waiting on the results of that blood test to find out if/what he's allergic to.

This is a bit of a ramble but does anyone else have pups with allergies? What is their quality of life? What kind of medicine are they on? Just curious because at the moment my pups life seems very frustrating poor baby

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