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I've been wanting a puppy for a very long time now and finally have the resources to do so. It seems like its hard to find the right puppy in California with the covid situation. I also think about if its the right decision to get a dog.

In terms of ability to take care of it: my job allows me to work from home, the office i work in is dog friendly, also we have a family owned business. so the pup can always have a place to be not alone. I've done my research around the puppy blues and the level of commitment that it requires and i'm still willing to make those sacrifices if i do get a fresh pup.

Initially when i began to search for puppies this year, i thought i would want a golden or an aussie purebred; akc registered, health cleared, all the etc paper works that people look for… but I've learned that they can get quite expensive. One of the reputable? breeder quoted $11k for 6 month old golden. i live in California for context, but that seemed a little extreme in my fresh eyes to the purebred market. Since i wasn't sure how to weed out the "bad" breeders from good ones that were outside of GRCLA/AKC registery i became a little more hesitant with purebreds.

Side Note: Not sure if anyone has experience with these mini aussie breeders: "jandbminiaussie", but i was wondering if anyone has knowledge into these breeders. the BBB, yelp & facebook page makes me want to believe these are "good" hobby breeders.

I've also been looking for 6mo~1yr pups to adopt as well, but selfish enough to say, i'm fixated on certain visuals and personalities from a dog. e.g. i love either cute happy lovable lug looking dogs like golden retrievers or sharp handsome looking dogs like shepards. Aussies i feel like i can give the exercise and training, but when it comes to breeds like german shepards i dont think i can handle their strength… and i do want a dog between 20~60lbs.

I guess this long rant is to ask for help to see if i should even get a dog and if so, what are good places i can look towards? it seems like most shelters in california have pups in need but the available dogs either aren't to the looks i can fall in love with and/or won't be good for a first time owner. Breeders i do find with reasonable price are out of litters or won't get back to me with answers from my questions about litter's parents which would make me suspicious to begin with.

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