Vet wants me to get 4 vaccines for puppy?

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So, I'm a little baffled as to why this is the case. And a bit suspicious they just want to get more money out of me than they will with the standard 3 vaccinations.

My puppy got his first vaccinations at 7 weeks old, which is within the window of 6-8 weeks for a puppy. He then got his second at 11 weeks old, and the vet told me he'd be needing to get the standard 3rd vaccination at 15 weeks old. But, here's the weird thing.

They said that he'll need to come back in for ANOTHER vaccine at 18 weeks old, because he got his vaccinations "early", so they need to give him an extra booster against parvo virus in case his immunity isn't built up. I have no idea why they think he needs this, especially because some pups are fully vaccinated at 14 weeks.

I'm paying $100 a pop for these vaccines mind you, and I'm pretty f*cking dubious about having to fork out yet another hundred bucks for a vaccination that I've never heard of anyone else needing.

Thoughts on this?

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