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My German Shephard mix , 3 years old, male, is excessively fearful and I'm only just now realizing it. My boyfriend and I have had him since he was a puppy. We moved from one province to another last October and since then, there's been a difference of behavior ( I did expect this). I used to think it was aggression but I think I'm now realizing he's fearful of everything and I don't know why. We have always loved Him very dearly. We adopted him as an 8 week old puppy and have had him ever since. Our old place was really quiet and nice and not a lot of noise around, except a train that came by everyday and thunderstorms but he never had any problems. Now we live in a lot more busy of an area which I know can be stressful for him. We now have problems walking him, he pulls excessively which never used to be a problem. He doesn't really listen when he's called. Any loud noise sets him off (we live on the military base and we can hear the guns going off, not overly loud but he can probably hear them well). He was bit at a dog park and ever since that has happened he has been vocal towards LOTS of other dogs. He is well behaved, he's just scared and I don't know how to help him. He has been socialized since he was a puppy as well, goes to the park all the time. we have to walk him with a Halti now, which he hates. I can't help but feel bad for him and guilty because I don't know how to help him. Any advice would be appreciated!

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