Using Soft Crate for travel at night, she normally sleeps in a metal crate. Will transition be hard?

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We have been using a metal crate for a few months and our pup loves it. We previously used a canvas soft playpen that she loved, but chewed up when she was bored. She also was allowed to potty in the canvas playpen because there was plenty of room for her pee pads. Both of these reasons are why we switched her to the metal crate- for her safety and to potty train.

My question is will my pup have an issue switching over to the soft crate for a night or two when we travel? The metal one is just too inconvenient to transport. Does any one have experience with this? How did it go? Do you think she will potty in the canvas crate because the floor texture is the same as her playpen that we let her pee in? General thoughts and ideas welcome.

Previously when traveling we have brought the playpen with us, this was pre the metal crate.

Pup is 7.5 months old, mini dachshund. Puppy tax

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