Update: My dog is killing me and my wife

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Today marks 8 weeks (or 2 months) that my dog has not bitten anyone. In the time that has passed since I made my most recent post, he did show some aggression towards me and my wife, but that was to be expected when he finished his round of Apoquel. He's still more affectionate than he's ever been and he's still doing a really good job.

This has lead me and my wife to something that we never though could happen. We are considering adopting another dog. We consulted Michael Shikashio (our trainer that helped us with Oliver), and he suggested that getting a female dog is a good idea since Oliver is very sweet towards my brother's female dog. He also suggested that we get a dog that's either a puppy, or 3+ years old so that way they're not the same age. Oliver did extremely well when he stayed with my brother and his 2 dogs, and we've thought that maybe he would benefit from having another dog in the house.

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