UPDATE: Advice Needed: Did I make a mistake?

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Hi everyone! So I posted a little over a week ago about having issues leash training and bonding with my new pup. I wanted to give an update but also ask for a bit more advice. We are doing better! He’s starting to understand how to behave on a leash (even without a constant supply of treats for positive reinforcement) and I think we’ve started to bond. However I am a little concerned about a few things. First, he’s had a few accidents in the house. It seems like they come without warning and two have definitely been in time frames that made no sense for him to have an accident (like 3 hours after a walk for one and 4.5 for another). Then today I noticed he had some blood in his poo. It wasn’t a lot and it was bright red – so I know that might just be from passing hard stool or something minor near the anus. If I see it again I was thinking I might take him to the vet. Should I be concerned about either of these medically? Also I will be working in the hospital starting in about 3 months – if he is struggling to hold it 3 hours after a walk I am worried that it might be even more difficult when I start working. For longer days I am happy to have a walker come by, but what about when I am only gone for 5 or 6 hours? I wouldn’t get a walker for that short of a timeframe, is it going to hurt him?

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