Unsure About Crate Training

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So I’m having a bit of trouble today with my 12 week old rottweiler/hound mix. As of tomorrow, he will have been with me for a week. He’s been pretty good about sleeping in his crate at night, and I’ve been attempting enforced naps during the day because I need him to get used to being in there while I’m at work (he would only be in there 3-4 hours max). It hasn’t been too bad, and he hasn’t had one accident in his crate, but I’m starting to get really worried that I’m butchering this. Every time he goes in his crate I reward him with a couple of treats and praise, as well as his kong, which I only allow him to have in the crate. When I left today for 2 hours, I came back and realized he had ripped a hole in his bed and somehow managed to pull part of the blanket covering his crate through one of the tiny holes in the back (it’s a plastic crate although i’m planning on purchasing a larger wire crate with a divider soon). I’d also like to mention every time I close the door while he’s in it he paws at the door and starts whining which seems normal enough to me. At night before bed, he only whines for maybe 5-10 minutes and then falls asleep no problem. In fact, he actually slept in there for 7 hours straight last night to my absolute shock. However, during the day, if I put him in there he seems to hate it and won’t settle down if anyone is in the room with him. I’m not too sure what I’m doing wrong.

He’s gonna have to be in his crate for a couple of hours Monday when I’m working and I’m terrified of him developing separation anxiety due to me not being there. I’ve been using training treats and shutting the door with him in there but I’m always right in front of it and he knows in a couple of seconds I’ll let him out. I’ve also been avoiding letting him out when he’s whining and waiting until he’s been quiet for at least 2 minutes before allowing him to come out. Is this completely normal? Am I overthinking this? Will he eventually accept the crate when I’m gone as he matures? Please let me know what to do.

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