Unique crate issues, puppy whining when awake.

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Hi all, I have a bit of a unique situation. I’ve hand reared an orphan puppy from virtually birth so she and my resident dog are all she knows. She is now 9 weeks old, well crate trained. Has no issues through the night, no accidents and no crying when she goes in there for the evening or for any puppy naps. The one issue I do have at the moment is that she screams like she’s being tortured the moment she hears me stir at 6AM upstairs. I take 1 step out of bed and she’s screaming the house down until I come downstairs. She also will do this if she sees the cats moving in the kitchen so I have taken to buying a crate cover which has negated that issue mostly. I’ve crate trained a ‘normal’ puppy before which involves letting them tire themselves out but not sure whether I should be doing this in the mornings with the new puppy. She needs the loo by the time the morning comes so seems unfair to leave her in there until she stops. Any advice would be great.

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