Uncontrollable tantrums

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We have a 4 month old cockapoo who has been an angel to train and play with. She learned many commands very early on, house-trained quickly, and is very affectionate as well as playful.

However, sometimes she completely loses it, and has an awful tantrum. She lunges at me, almost always draws blood, barks, and wriggles around. I feel like we've tried everything: yelping, redirecting, ignoring z holding her still. The only thing that helps her settle is a time out, though getting her there always results in cuts and scars.

I know this is relatively common puppy behaviour, but we're struggling to find a trigger pattern. Sometimes it will happen on a walk, sometimes after a quick play session with other dogs, but sometimes seemingly out of nowhere, a few minutes after breakfast or while lying down in the garden.

I'm worried because in those moments, I feel completely immobilized. She won't listen to any commands, and actually ignored the toy, actively biting our arms and legs.

Please help – I'm starting to feel hopeless.

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