Unclear reason why he is demand barking and not sure how to stop it

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I have a 16 month old Bichon who a few months ago started to bark at me and my partner whenever we sat down to eat dinner in front of the tv. We’ve tried turning away and ignoring him but he keeps barking at us. When he does get quiet or sometimes before he starts barking we will give him 30 min with a bully stick. We thought at first it was food begging but he doesn’t do it when we eat at the dining table or when we go to friends places and eat in front of him. Then we later thought he wanted to play as he sometimes will bring his ball over. We figured he’s been alone all day and maybe realizes tv/dinner time is also parents ignoring him time. Other times if we bring him into the couch to cuddle he will also stop barking and will also ignore the food on the table so it further seems like he’s not begging for food and maybe just looking for attention?

We just don’t know exactly why he’s barking and how to stop it. We’ve tried doing the place command, albeit not very consistently, but it just makes him hyper focused on the treats the whole time instead of becoming more relaxed. The bully has been the best as we think it allows him to chew to get his energy out and be distracted but we would like to avoid the barking as the reason why we give him the bully. Sometimes without chewing he becomes too worked up. He’s usually ok with one person eating or if we eat breakfast or lunch (depends on how tired he is he might just sleep and ignore or he might bark).

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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