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Hello all! I have been in this group for months reading all of your helpful posts – thank you!

We got our Mini Schnauzer Henry 3 weeks ago. He is a typical puppy but we are being faced with some *possibly* unique challenges. He has been learning well, does awesome with crate training, learning sit, stay, down, fetch, etc. But a big issue is biting. (shocker around here, I know!)

We live on the 4th floor of an apartment building and it can take about 2-4 mins to get outside depending on the elevator. When we first got him we would pick him up to bring him through the labyrinth of our hallways to go outside and he was so good and would go outside and we would throw a party and praise him. Now, when we pick him up he bites, bites, bites. We try to calm him, stabilize him, redirect and nothing is working yet (or it is just going to take more time, I don't know) but I am covered in bite marks and I think it is getting worse.

If we don't pick him up, we have him walk through the building to go outside, he goes to the bathroom in the hallway, if we do pick him up I end up with more flesh wounds. I don't know the best way to handle it because taking him out every hour and a half has become really stressful with the biting.

Do I endure the biting while working on the biting to get him to go to potty train him?

I did email a dog trainer yesterday to try to set up some puppy sessions but as you know with COVID, who knows when that will happen.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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