Two female, desexed dogs, fighting after being apart

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I have two mixed breed female dogs, both rescues so not 100% I breeds but we think one is a gsp x bull arab type (Audrey) and the other is a bully breed x something with longer hair (Vivi).

Audrey is around 18 months old and Vivi is around a year old. We've had them for about a year with no real issues. The occasional play fight that overexcites, but they stop when told.

Audrey went to the vet late last week for a torn dew claw and Vivi was clearly not happy about her being gone for the day but when we brought Audrey back home, Vivi tried to have a go at her. Not for long and she calmed down quickly but it was weird.

Today we (partner and i) took them both for a walk, one dog each, and when we got back to our yard, Vivi again tried to fight Audrey, but she wouldn't calm down. We tried to calm them and we separated them with one in our laundry and the other outside but still they aren't getting along. Now Audrey is skittish around Vivi and that of course makes it worse.

I plan to also talk to our vet, because she does behavioural training, but I keep seeing reference to same sex aggression and I don't want this to be a permanent separation for the two dogs, if we can help it.

Thank you for any advice you can give!

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