Trying to avoid jealousy between my 3 y/o and my 8 week old

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My fiancé and I have had our GR, Max, since he was 8 weeks old and he is the sweetest doggo ever. This week we picked up our new 8 week old GR, Obi. Our 3y/o has been AMAZING with the puppy and playing with him, not being any sort of territorial over us/his toys/his food. Of course the puppy doesn’t know which toys are “his” and which toys were Max’s, as they are all new toys to him. Well tonight Obi grabbed a particular favorite toy of Max’s, and Max went over and took it from Obi and sat behind me with it. He never growled or was mean about it, just simply went over and took it away.

Should I be trying to stop Max from doing this? Or should I help him keep “his” toys separate to not cause any sort of issues? I just don’t want Max to feel like he has to give up everything to the puppy but I also realize that the puppy doesn’t know any better.

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