Trick ideas for a tripod (missing hind leg) dog?

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Hi all!

I would love to teach my dog more tricks, and I’m wondering what your ideas are for a tripod dog who is missing one of her hind legs!

Her only having three legs prevents her from the tricks that require significant balance or require her to sit or stand on just her hind end… Things like sit pretty, dance, and hug aren’t possible (although perhaps we can do a modified hug?). She even struggles with roll-over but I think that’s more a confidence issue for her than a physical limitation, so we’re working on it 🙂

Currently, besides basic commands, she knows: – shake – wave – spin/turn – touch – middle (comes through my legs from behind me) – kisses

We’re working on “clean up” to get her to put her toys away, but that’s definitely a slow work in progress. Also working on a “place” command to get her to stand on stumps, benches, etc for photo ops 😉

I don’t want to teach her “speak”. She’s a quiet girl and I like it that way haha!

So! Any other fun things you think I should teach her?

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