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I have a 9 week old Aussie/Labrador mix who is an exceptionally good pup, most of the time. He's very smart, and very motivated by treats. He's managed to learn sit this week and we're working on "down", he's really starting to get bite inhibition, but the problem is how wound-up he seems to get by the training treats.

He has trouble focusing once he smells those treats in the air, and in between giving him commands and rewarding him for complying, he is jumping on me trying to get them from my hand or pocket. After we are done with our training sessions, he will jump and claw at me looking for more, bite at my hands or whatever he can reach, or start barking at me incessantly. He gets fixated. He gets so crazy looking for more treats that he won't listen at all, becomes uninterested in playing or toys or anything else, and it takes me over an hour to get him distracted enough to let it go. Every time. It's exhausting! I'm not sure how to correct this, but trying to teach him anything is followed by at least an hour of terrible behavior. I've had dogs before, but have never trained a puppy from this age. Any tips or suggestions are welcome!

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