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So we had gotten a pitbull in January (Chorizo), currently 6 months old. We also have a Frenchie/Pitt mix (Bean) that is 4 yo. Since we have gotten the puppy he has been great. But we've noticed he is quite stubborn at times (heard Pitts are like this anyway). He knows his name well (well, the word "hungry" could also become a better name fore him tbh), but he follows his big sister Bean"s actions and seems to forget to listen at important times that we need for his attention to be on us. He relies on Bean for a lot of things. Which I'm a bit worried about at times.

Bean is quite lovable and loves to be pet and shows her emotions in loving us back. Chorizo on the other hand doesn't do much of that at all. He obviously gets excited for us at times and loves to play with us, but just doesn't show that same attention or any signs of emotional need that Bean does for us. His main concern or attention is always on Bean. He always wants to play with her and plays pretty hard most of the time. We don't like that, and have to break them up constantly. They are totally fine together and he loves Bean a lot, and we can tell. I would just like him to be more independent and to think for himself on more occasions. Also, I want him to feel that he needs us for direction in life and to not fall upon Beans actions or ways. Bean is pretty dang independent and is perfectly fine on her own.

Just a little rant. But would love any advice tbh. Chorizo is the cutest pitbull in the world and I want him to rely on us for direction instead of his mind wondering and following Bean. His attention span is small and gets much much smaller when more people are around, he becomes deaf and numb, and stubborn, and has not motivation when we call him.

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