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I love to jog and my pup LOVES to run. She was a terrible puller since the day I adopted her (literally pulled me across the PetSmart sidewalks during the adoption event) and she's definitely gotten so much better with the silky leash training!

I would love to start getting her to jog with me. During our walks, there is a large and vacant parking lot where we start running through together. Just a quick sprint. Most of the time she does great (doesn't cross past me or yank me). Of course, if she sees something super interesting, she'll divert.

I was thinking of getting the roamer ruffwear leash (link below!) and trying it out. Looking for advice to make it as successful as possible! How have the runners here found success in running with your pups? What can I expect?

Some background info: I live in a metropolitan area where some people may consider it a "city" but technically it's not. We run into other dogs sometimes and my pup is dog-reactive. She doesn't react as long as I can pull treats out to distract her/counter-condition in a timely manner but she CERTAINLY doesn't like surprises. One of the things I know I'll have to keep a sharp eye for is to not run so fast we just run head on to other dogs. For that reason, I'll probably end up getting the shorter leash version vs the longer (11') version to keep her close to me.

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