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I have Mae, 6 y/o dobie/GSD/golden cross, and she’s the light of my life. She’s trained and very well-mannered, but nothing fancy. I’m leaving home soon though, and need to be able to take her with me everywhere because of my anxiety + PTSD, so I’m working on getting her registered officially as my service dog, since she mostly does what I need already and my therapist is highly encouraging. (I definitely do not have the funds for an already-trained dog, nor would Mae tolerate a younger dog for me to train so please do not suggest!)

One problem. My family has several other dogs, and my dad is a very emotionally turbulent and angry man that absolutely refuses to properly train any of them. Training Mae (my dog) the basics in her youth was hard enough with all the chaos, so I’m struggling to fine-tune her obedience.

Ideas on how to get her to a good training location? I can’t escape the other dogs (or my dad) at home, and places like the park and woods seem teaming with other distractions :/ would doggie classes be a good idea? I’ve managed to use a “training harness” so she knows when it’s work time, but it only does so much.

More info on Mae’s training/temperament if useful: My dog is great and very smart, but because I live very rural I failed a bit in her socialization as a pup. She’s not mean at all, just a bit strong on the leash at times. Has done well when taken through grocery stores / strange buildings during past fire evacuations though. Very people-friendly despite being protective of me. Dog aloof.

Already an ESA, working towards service. Aiming to keep her focus off strangers (she likes to say hi), body blocking, and firm-up her usual natural response to my panic attacks. She does really well by nature, I just want to feel solid before she and I go off alone to a different state and college.

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