Train my dog around sheep?

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Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I own a German Shepherd – Doberman mix of about 1.5 years old. He is a very sweet and loving dog around other dogs and people. I've been going to dog training with him, socialized him, etc. Recently I started walking him on a long leash. It went amazingly well. Until… He saw some sheep next to the road. I hadn't noticed them in time and I had huge difficulties trying to get him to come to me. I don't think he would have, if he wouldn't have been on a leash. Then a few weeks later a farmer had moved his sheep to the field next to my house. My dog jumped over the (really high) fence and tried to attack them. It makes me quite sad. I guess he never learned not to attack them. But then again I wonder whether he should have that instinct in the first place… So now I wonder whether I have to train him around sheep or better make sure he never gets near them (which is probably best anyway). Any advice would be very welcome.

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